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Building A Lash Business


If you are just starting your business as a lash artist or are not as booked up as you would like to be in your lash business then there are lots of things you can do to attract new clients. 

No one will know about your new business if you don't promote it. You need to advertise your new service to create awareness so that potential clients can find your business and book in with you.

There are lots of ways to promote your business for free if you are just starting out or maybe don't have a great deal of money to spend on advertising so read on and lets get that diary booked out in 2021.

Everyone is on social media these days so the first thing to do is set up pages for your business on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The list is endless but I would suggest starting with ones you are familiar with so that you already understand how to use them. Once you have set your pages up invite everyone you know to like, follow and possibly share your page with everyone they know for you to start building awareness. Anyone who is interested will take a look at your page and hopefully follow you. Post to your pages regularly with pictures of your work, available appointments, tips and advice, pics of your workspace etc etc. Make sure your location and contact details are easily available for people to get in touch with you if they want to book in or require more information. 

There are also lots of other free sites that you can list yourself on to get your details out there. Put your business on as many of them as possible so that customers can find you, because not everyone is on social media.,

Bing Places,,


Cyclex UK, 

My local services. 

Another fantastic way to get good exposure is to claim your Google listing at Google business is the next best thing to having a website and is completely free. You should also take advantage of Google maps so that when a user is searching for services in your local area your listing will pop up. Google is the king of the internet with over a billion people using it as their search engine and is ranked at no 1 in the UK. A considerable amount of traffic can be driven to your business just by being in the Google directory listings. 

Once you have a few clients you will hopefully start getting referrals and new clients will start to come to you through word of mouth which is the best form of free advertising.  You need to make sure that your clients are delighted with their treatment and want to tell everyone about you.

Don't forget to book your clients next appointment after every treatment. You should not let them leave without having their refill appointment booked. All you have to say is "Would you like to book your refill appointment now?" Most people will say yes as it saves them having to call you to re book and also they will feel valued as a client.

Have some business cards/price lists printed with your details on and go and give them out to other businesses in your area. Ask people like your hairdresser, florist or dentist if they would be willing to let you leave some cards on their reception and you do the same for them. Give your clients, family and friends a couple of cards and ask them to refer clients to you or put them in their staff room at their place of work. Always keep some cards in your purse you never know when the opportunity to hand them out will arise.

Things wont happen overnight but by taking action and putting your business out there by doing all of the above, people will start to notice your business and become familiar with it. Clients usually like to do a bit of research before they book in so make sure they can find your business and find out more about you.

If you have found this blog helpful or have any questions please leave a comment below.

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Emma Xx



  • Very helpful some really good tips and advice. Thank you Emma xx

    Holly owen
  • I found this really useful thank you so much for sharing ☺️

    Laura Mills
  • Incredibly helpful with alot of fantastic ideas for building a clientele ! I for one will be implementing some of these definitely!!!! Thank you Emma xxxx

    Mrs Tracey Davison

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