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 If you are thinking about a career in the lash industry there are lots of things to consider before deciding to book a training course. It is important to get the foundations of your new career off to a good start. Here is some advice to help you invest wisely.


Are you patient? learning the art of applying eyelash extensions takes time and practice you will not become an amazing lash artist over night. The work is meticulous and you need to be confident in your skills before you can work on paying clients. If you get bored easily and have poor concentration you will probably not enjoy sitting for 1-2 hours applying lash extensions. 


You do not need to have any previous experience or have a qualification in beauty therapy to train in lash extensions.

There are so many lash companies and trainers these days it is hard to know who to train with, so here are a few pointers to help you make a decision.

Always check that the course is accredited. If your course is not accredited by a professional body you will be unable to gaininsurance which is a legal requirement. Also accreditation reassures you that the course has been  assessed and approved by a professional company for quality and safety purposes.  All of The Beautiful Eyelash Company courses are accredited by PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY DIRECT. 

Most lash courses are taught in one day and are quite intensive. The day will usually involve theory and practical demonstrations, guided training on mannequins and then live models. One day is not enough for you to be qualified as a lash artist and you will be required to do case studies to reach the standard required to be qualified. Don't let this put you off as case studies give you the chance to practice more and gain confidence before you start taking paying clients. They also allow your tutor to give you feedback and help you with anything you are struggling with after training.

Beware of cheap online courses and courses that offer one day training and qualify you as a lash artist on the same day. These courses are not worth the money, instead look for an in person course that offers support to you during your case studies and long after you have qualified. The training days are intense and there is a lot to learn in one day it is essential that you can ask for help and get advice especially when you are newly qualified as you are bound to come across situations and have questions that didn't arise on the training day. Any good training company will offer an aftercare service of some kind where you can contact your trainer for help and advice.  All of our training comes with a guarantee that if you are struggling to reach the required standard to pass you can take the course again free of charge. 

Course fees vary between different providers and there is no guarantee that if you book a course that costs £700 it will be better than a course that costs £250. Do your research, follow their social media pages to see the standard of work and check out their reviews. Don't be tempted by cheap courses you usually get what you pay for and will end up having to pay for another course or never becoming good enough to have a successful career. 

NOTE: Not all reviews are trustworthy there are lots of people recommending courses without mentioning their connection to the companies they are promoting especially in social media lash groups so do your research.

Find out what is included in the price of the course. There should be a kit included always check as you may be required to purchase a kit on top of the course fee which ups the total cost of the course.  If there is a substantial kit included in the price this means you wont have to pay out to buy lots more products whilst you are doing your case studies and may even have enough products for you to cover the cost of the training course!!!

Ask about any other hidden costs as some companies charge extra for certificates, course materials and re training.

Are you tied in to only using their products? Some training is only certified if you are using the companies own brand. Check that the course is certified no matter which product brands you choose to use or you may have to pay to train again.

Be prepared to travel for the right course. You may not be lucky enough to have a great choice of fabulous trainers right on your doorstep so be prepared to look further a field if you cant find one that feels right for you. 

Ask about class sizes, how many other students will be training on the day? The smaller the class size the more attention the trainer will be able to give you. Check if you will be working on each other or a model. You should not have to be a model for the other students on the day. You have paid to learn a new skill not lie with your eyes closed for an hour or two whilst you have lashes applied by another student. Up to six students is a good class size per trainer.

The eyelash industry is growing at a fast pace and you will need to keep up to date with new developments and techniques to be able to offer the best service to your clients. Choose a training provider that attends further training regularly and also is actively providing lash treatments to clients so that they are able to keep you up to date with developments in the industry.

I hope this post helps and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or join our free facebook group for lots more lash industry info HERE!! see you in there!!!

Emma Xx



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