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Premade Fans | Fan Types And Outcomes

What is the difference between Short Stem and Long Stem Fans and how do you decide which ones will best suit your client?

There are a few different types of pre-made fans and more and more styles are becoming available now as lash artists, especially those who aren't yet volume trained are turning to pre-made volume fans to offer their clients a fuller look than classic individual lashes can. Also they are as simple and as quick to apply as classic lashes which means you don't need to be volume trained to offer them. 

Pre made fans are available in Short Stem (left) Long Stem (right).

Short Stem fans have a short base and the lashes are spread wider at the base. These fans are great for sparser areas of the lash line as they are wider they give a fuller and soft fluffy look. They are also good for inner and outer corners where lashes tend to be sparser.

Long Stem fans have a long narrow base similar to a classic lash but then fan out further up the stem. These fans are more suited to clients with lots of natural lashes and will give a dense, dark effect to the lash line.

You can use both types in your sets however for very sparse lashes I would recommend using only wide/short stems as these will look fuller for longer due to covering more space by overlapping each other on the lash line. 

For clients who have thick natural lashes you can use long stem to give a dramatic dark set of lashes or opt for the wide stem to give a lighter fluffier look to their lashes. 

You can also mix it up by using both types in your sets to create different effects. Use long stem on the lower layers to give density to the set and use wider fans to add texture and fill areas with gaps.

If you are completely new to the lash industry and looking for training our beginners course covers application of individual and premade fans so that you can offer both classic and volume right from the start. 

If you are already classic lash trained but want to learn more about pre made lashes we offer our online conversion course covering everything you need to know about using pre made fans. 

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