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The Importance Of Consultations & Patch Tests

I see soooo many discussions in lash forums about whether or not we should patch test for lash adhesives!!!  In my opinion the answer is always YES!!! Its a grey area with insurance companies saying follow manufacturers advice and some companies/manufacturers saying you don't need to patch test because the adhesive should not come into contact with the skin therefore no need to patch test..... Well NO it shouldn't, but quite often especially when we are inexperienced it actually could come into contact with the skin and cause a reaction.

Then we get enquiries from ladies who have never been to us before, wanting lashes TODAY without a patch test!!!  Yes we want to take that client and fill a gap in the day but if you do take that client and then she has a reaction where does that leave you???  We all know that creek and you will not have a paddle if you have failed to patch test. You can guarantee that she will complain to you and post pictures all over her socials, bad mouth you about her bad experience and probably want a refund etc etc etc... Is it worth it? I don't think so, especially when it takes only a few minutes of your time to do and could save you a great deal of stress in the long run.

My advice to any lash artist is to do the patch test during the consultation. When I get a new client I always book them in for a patch test and consultation at least 48 hours before the lash appointment. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • It is reassuring to your client that you have their best interests at heart and promotes your professionalism.
  • It is a legal requirement, and if you find yourself in a legal battle you will wish you had patch tested. (disclaimers will not stand up in court)
  • Doing a consultation gives you the opportunity to meet the new client before the lash appointment so you both know what to expect.
  • Doing the consultation and patch test before hand saves you time on the day of the appointment as you have already filled in the consultation form. 
  • You will have checked that the client is suitable for lash extensions so that you wont have the embarrassment of turning the client away on the day of the appointment. This saves you both a lot of wasted time and you having a large appointment free that you now can't fill, resulting in lost income.
  • You can assess the clients natural lashes, discuss her requirements and manage her expectations of what can be achieved with lash extensions.
  • You can take a picture of the client so that you can decide on her styling  before the appointment which also saves you time on the day.
  • You can prepare for the treatment by having the correct products available on the trolley and not be rooting around trying to find the lash trays you need for the client which also saves you time on the day.
  • You can make the client aware of your policies with regards to cancellations, now shows, children, pets etc (there is nothing worse than a client showing up with 3 kids and a puppy because she thought you also provided child care) Trust me this happens ALOT.
  • You can take a non refundable deposit at this point.
  • You can make the client aware of the timescale of the treatment (you don't want the client to suddenly ask after ten minutes if you will be done soon as she has to pic her kids up in 15 mins) 
  • The client has the opportunity to ask questions regarding the treatment.
  • As the client has already visited your place of work she knows where you are, where to park and has no excuse for being late due to not knowing these things.
  • You can make sure she understands that she will need to arrive with no make up on to her appointment.

I could go on an on about the reasons why it is a no brainer to do a full consultation and patch test 48 hrs before a lash treatment. It should only take 15 minutes maximum and will reduce the appointment time on the day.

If you don't have consultation forms we have a downloadable PDF that you can use to print off as many copies as you need for your clients. It includes everything you need to record, including patch test records and GDPR compliant email capture for marketing permissions. You can find it HERE

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and found it helpful. If you know of any other reasons why we should do a thorough consultation and patch test please share with us below. If you would like to be part of our online community join our Facebook group HERE

Emma Xx 

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