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Gel Remover

Gel Remover

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Our Pro Bond gel remover is suitable for removing individual extensions and full sets.

To use:

Make sure client is sat in an upright position to prevent product entering the eye.

Shake well and decant a small amount onto a jade stone or glue ring.

Use a micro swab or lip wand to apply a small amount to the adhesive area of the lashes.

Leave for approximately 3-5 minutes and gently slide the extensions off with a lip wand. 

Do not pull the extensions they should slide away easily. 

Add more remover or leave on longer if lashes are stubborn.

Cleanse the lashes with foaming cleanser after removal and rinse with water.

Ensure the lashes are free of any residue from gel remover before re-application of lash extensions. 

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Please do not attempt to remove your own lash extensions with this product.