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Pro Bond Lash Adhesive 5g

Pro Bond Lash Adhesive 5g

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Our Pro Bond 1-2 second set adhesive is suitable for classic 1-1 or volume lash applications. This adhesive has a thin consistency and has great retention. Only a minimal amount is needed making your sets more clean and reducing the chances of stickies.  MADE IN THE UK

Shake well for 1 minute to mix thoroughly and for 20 seconds each time you decant a new drop.

Pro bond works best at humidity 55-60% temp 19-23 (adhesive will work faster in higher humidity) 

Store out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place.

Replace adhesive regularly for best performance. 

Always put the lid back on tightly and clean the nozzle to make sure no air can get in.

Ensure the natural lashes are perfectly clean before application to get maximum retention.

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